What Was the Best Super Bowl Commercial? 20 Best Ads of All Times

What was the best Super Bowl commercial? Beyond being a football-centric spectacle, the Super Bowl is eagerly anticipated each year for its highly coveted commercials. Here, we’ve compiled the 20 most impactful Super Bowl commercials in history for your enjoyment!

2024 Super Bowl Highlights

A blog image featuring a picture from Usher's 2024 Super Bowl show and a photo of Taylor Swift watching the game

Before getting into the best Super Bowl commercial, how about a brief recap of the 2024 Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl, an annual championship match of the National Football League (NFL) in the United States, has been a highly anticipated event since its inception in 1967, taking place every year on the first Sunday of February.

In the 2024 Super Bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs secured victory by defeating the San Francisco 49ers with a score of 25-22.

Beyond the game, this year’s Super Bowl sparked discussions not only about the match outcome but also about Usher’s electrifying performance featuring his hit songs, leaving fans ecstatic. Additionally, attention was drawn to images of Taylor Swift congratulating her boyfriend. 

Let’s get into the highlights.

Usher’s Halftime Show

Who transforms a football stage into an epic party zone? None other than Usher! Celebrating the thirtieth year of his career, Usher mesmerized us, proving at every second that he is a consummate entertainer. His powerful voice and distinctive dance moves reaffirmed his status as an inspirational artist, leaving the audience captivated.

Many artists also accompanied this giant stage area, which even included roller skates. The New York Times tells us about the moments when Alice Keys enchanted us with her piano:

“Allegiant Stadium holds approximately 65,000 people, but in that instant, there were only two.”

Taylor Swift and Kelce

This year wasn’t just about Usher’s amazing show. We can say that Taylor Swift managed to attract all the attention once again. Maybe she just went to watch her boyfriend?

Taylor Swift was at the Super Bowl this year to watch her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, take on the San Francisco 49ers. Swift, who watched the match accompanied by her mother, close friend Blake Lively and rapper Ice Spice, appeared to be quite excited.

The Kansas City Chiefs are back-to-back Super Bowl champions. The Chiefs defended their championship by beating the San Francisco 49ers 25-22.

Immediately afterwards, Swift took to the field to congratulate her boyfriend. Here are the moments when Swift and Kelce celebrated:

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce KISS After Chiefs Super Bowl Win.

Of course, there is much more to talk about Super Bowl 2024. However, this article is not about all of these. 

Now it’s time to present to you the best Super Bowl commercial.

The Best Super Bowl Commercial

Now let’s talk about the best Super Bowl commercial in history. For this purpose, we offer you 20 advertisements. Brands turn this important day into their own and include celebrities in their advertisements.

All these iconic commercials are very successful in creating brand awareness. TV commercials have undoubtedly been the most important throughout history. However, with the inclusion of social media, these advertisements reached even wider audiences.

Now let’s see what brands did in the Super Bowl. So you can decide which one is the best Super Bowl commercial of all time!

1. “Hey Kid, Catch!” – Coca-Cola’s (1979)

YouTube video

Coca Cola’s 1979 commercial is known as the best Super Bowl commercial in history. You ask why? Because that commercial led to a made-for-TV movie (The Steeler and the Pittsburgh Kid) about a football team adopting a 9-year-old boy!

In the commercial, Joe Greene limps off the field and a Sesame Street kid offers him a Coca-Cola. This sweet interaction actually comes to the fore again when Joe Greene storms the field in 1980. Subsequently, the commercial was deemed worthy of many awards and became an inspiration for subsequent commercials.

2. “1984” – Apple (1984)

YouTube video

Now, let’s illustrate how a commercial can elevate a company to giant status. Is there anyone unfamiliar with the current prominence of Apple? (Unless you reside in a cave, you must be aware, no offense intended.)

Back in 1984, Apple was a relatively small company. To establish brand awareness and stand out, the company needed an advertisement that would make a significant impact. How did they achieve this? Through the Super Bowl, of course!

Big brother speaks on the big screen in this commercial inspired by George Orwell’s book 1984. Then a woman wearing shorts and a tank top runs in and throws a hammer at the screen. At the end of the advertisement, we see the text “On January 24, Apple, introduce the Macintosh…”

What happened next? People flocked to Apple stores and the company achieved the largest sales figures in its history.

3. “Hare Jordan” –  Nike (1993)

YouTube video

Here is the loudest and best Super Bowl commercial in history! We don’t know whose idea it was to bring Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny together, but it’s definitely something great!

Space Jam emerges thanks to this advertisement shot for the Super Bowl by Nike, which decided to promote the Air Jordan series. It also fueled the popularity of Air Jordan. Considering that people are lining up to buy Air Jordans today, this ad is quite successful, isn’t it?

4. “Wassup!” –  Budweiser (2000)

YouTube video

“Watching the game, having a Bud!” . Let’s tell you this: If TikTok existed back then, people would Whassup each other! Phone calls like this had already become a viral trend.

In fact, this managed to become the best Super Bowl commercial at that time. This commercial, which aired during halftime, is one of Budweiser’s most creative advertisements. The ad actually emphasized: friendship and stupidity! We can all act silly among our friends and it can be the funniest thing in the world!

This commercial, which was created for this purpose, is about the funny dialogue between a group of friends. The topic seems simple, but what emerges is completely VIRAL!

5. “The Joy of Pepsi” – Pepsi’s (2001)

YouTube video

We wouldn’t be wrong if we say that Pepsi is shooting the most iconic commercials in its history for the Super Bowl. This commercial featuring Britney Spears is frequently mentioned as the best Super Bowl commercial.

Britney Spears sings an original song for Pepsi and history is rewritten. This commercial, shot with employees at a Pepsi factory, creates a cheerful atmosphere. Let’s not forget that Britney, who stood out with her halftime performance, also had one of her most successful shows.

6. “Terry Tate: Office Linebacker” – Reebok (2003)

YouTube video

This Super Bowl commercial featuring Lester Speight gave birth to the Terry Tate legend. The actor achieves great success with this commercial, which creates the image of a real NFL player. 

Actually, Reebok should be mentioned, but the commercial is all about Terry Tate! Actually, we don’t know whether it’s funny or sad for the shoe brand.

7. “Cast Away” – FedEx (2006)

YouTube video

In our opinion, this commercial is perhaps one of the funniest commercials in history! FedEx is frequently mentioned with this movie inspired by the movie Cast Away starring Tom Hanks.

In the movie, a FedEx employee who is stranded on an island escapes the island to deliver the cargo to its owner. When he returns it to his owner… We can’t say more!

If you haven’t watched the Cast Away movie, go watch it and think again about how funny this commercial is!

8. “Talking Babies” – E*Trade (2008)

YouTube video

Who wouldn’t want to get trading advice from a baby? People liked this concept, which emerged with E-Trade, so much that a new version was made in 2022.

This commercial, released by comedian Pete Holmes, actually helps us understand this: Anything and everything can be an interesting commercial. For example, shoot a finance commercial, the most boring subject in the world, with a baby and it’s done. This commercial reminds us how important creativity is.

Want to shoot the Best Super Bowl commercial? Then we say expand the limits of your creativity.

9. “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” – Snickers’ (2010)

YouTube video

Here is another best Super Bowl commercial example! This commercial shot by Snickers tells us, “You are not you when you are hungry.” When you are hungry, you are someone else. For example, you are Betty White.

All you have to do is take a bite of Snickers to be yourself again. This commercial made a lot of noise in Super Bowl 2010. In fact, the slogan that emerged with the advertisement is still used today.

10. “Parisian Love” – Google (2010)

YouTube video

Here is the sweetest, most touching and most emotional Super Bowl commercial in history! This commercial shot by Google proves that you don’t have to work with the most famous people to be successful. Here is a very successful commercial with a simple piano note and Google screen!

The commercial, which is about the search queries of someone on a trip to Paris, begins with “Study abroad Paris France” and it ends with”How to assemble a crib?”….

Search queries are presented to us as a very touching commercial. We send our greetings to Google, which created one of the best commercials in history in 52 seconds. Bravo Google, we are still looking at this commercial as if we were looking at a kitten!

11. “Brotherhood” – Budweiser (2013)

YouTube video

Here’s another Budweiser commercial, but this time it’s not aiming for laughter; it’s aiming for the heartstrings! The touching story revolves around a farmer raising a horse from birth and eventually letting it go – truly an emotional experience.

Budweiser, consistently delivering impactful commercials, notably earned its place among the most successful in 2013. Its name ascends to new heights each year through these memorable ads. Every football fan recognizes Budweiser as a staple beverage during the game. After all, commercials don’t achieve such success for nothing, do they?

12. “Viva Young” – Taco Bell (2013)

YouTube video

Take the Spanish version of the song “We are young” and film a bunch of old people partying. Here’s a good Super Bowl commercial for you. In this commercial, Taco Bell emphasizes that its meals are the best option for people of all ages. 

Is there anything better than getting together with your friends and enjoying Taco Bell? This is also true if you are eighty years old.

The commercial, which is about the fun of a group of cute eighty-year-old friends, is a candidate to be the best Super Bowl commercial.

13. “It’s a Tide Ad” – Tide (2018)

YouTube video

Whoever thought of making fun of the entire Super Bowl commercial did a great job because we loved this commercial! From a car commercial to a classic fun beer commercial, the Tide ad pokes fun at a variety of topics. David Harbor shows us how successful it actually is.

Because this isn’t an Alexa, bed, or beverage ad. Nope, It’s a Tide Ad! At the end of the day, didn’t we find ourselves calling every commercial Tide Ad? That’s why this deserves to be the best Super Bowl commercial.

14. “Michael Bublé vs. Bubly” – Bubly (2019)

YouTube video

What happens if you discover that an artist you idolize is actually a complete idiot in real life? That’s exactly what this ad is about. 

Michael Buble surprises fans by mispronouncing all the names in a store. In the end, a very funny Super Bowl commercial emerges.

15. “Alexa Loses Her Voice” – Amazon (2021)

YouTube video

Gather Anthony Hopkins, Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson, and Cardi B to lend their voices to technology, and you get another standout Super Bowl commercial! Amazon’s creation revolves around the iconic Alexa assistant losing its voice.

This clever and amusing commercial playfully pokes fun at technology while showcasing its intelligence. Did this star-studded Amazon ad tempt you to reactivate your Prime membership?

16. “Zeus and Hera Retire” – BMW (2022)

YouTube video

Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek portraying Zeus and Hera in a commercial. It’s a scenario that makes you wish it were a movie and not just an advertisement. That’s exactly what BMW is doing and presenting you the best Super Bowl commercial of recent times.

As Zeus and Hera navigate real-life challenges, BMW’s fully electric car emerges as the ultimate problem-solving hero. And let’s not forget Pegasus, the little pet in the commercial. This ad is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted with attention to every detail!

17. “Sally’s Seashells” – Squarespace’s (2022)

YouTube video

The idea of turning Zendaya, the leading actress of the most successful TV series of recent times, Europhia, into an entrepreneur by the sea is of course interesting. Squarespace does exactly that. The brand is shooting a commercial about an entrepreneur who expands his seashell selling business.

We can say that this commercial, which is a successful Super Bowl commercial, combines classic and entertainment. Although we don’t know how much it would have been watched without Zendaya. But there’s no need to mess around now. Let’s continue to move slowly through our list.

18. “Don’t Miss Out” – FTX (2022)

YouTube video

Introducing something in a Super Bowl commercial that people still have trouble understanding? FTX breaks all prejudices by preparing a very brave commercial. The brand is doing something riskier than introducing a shoe or detergent. Fortunately, the brand does this with Larry David, so we can lighten up a bit.

The commercial, which is about pure humor, features a leading character who makes fun of all important inventions. In the end, the expected happens and this lead makes fun of crypto. We think it was a very funny and successful advertisement, what do you think?

19. “The DunKings” – Dunkin’ (2024)

YouTube video

Ben Affleck also starred in the Dunkin’ commercial last year. But this year’s one is even funnier with Matt Damon, Jack Harlow and his wife Jennifer Lopez!

In this year’s ad, Affleck, Matt Damon, and Tom Brady form a band called The DunKings, despite rapper Jack Harlow’s disapproval, and Jennifer Lopez doesn’t like it. In fact, Matt Damon expresses how embarrassed he is by saying “I’m Sorry”.

20.  “DON’T FORGET UBER EATS” – Uber Eats (2024)

YouTube video

It’s time to end our list with a star-studded Super Bowl commercial. This commercial, which brings together Ross and Rachel from Friends, says that in order to remember something, we have to forget something else. The stars included in this commercial, whose subject is quite funny, make Uber Eats the most popular advertisement of 2024.

Super Bowl LVIII Social Media Marketing

A blog image of a group of men excitedly watching the Super Bowl

Yes, we’ve taken a look at the most popular and best of traditional TV ads. Of course, the Super Bowl may have been known for years for its TV commercials. However, we should not ignore the social media marketing they have developed in recent years.

We can even say this openly: How do you think this very traditional Sunday activity is still popular? In our opinion, this has become possible with the inclusion of social media marketing.

For example, there are hashtags that receive millions of views on TikTok: #SuperBowlLVIII #SuperBowl. All these hashtags received a lot of interaction not only on TikTok but also on Instagram and Twitter.

The real importance of social media marketing is this: Instead of watching the match, people now look at popular topics on their phones. That’s why we shared the topic of Usher and Taylor Swift in the beginning. No one can deny that these events are talked about more than the match.

Because people only talked about these issues on social media. Therefore, we can say again that social media marketing has left traditional marketing behind.

How to Get Inspired by Super Bowl Social Media Marketing?

A blog image of the field where the Super Bowl match was played, with the text ADS

So what should you take away from these? You as a brand owner or just a personal account looking to grow your profile. It doesn’t matter what you are. You can get inspired by anything! If you want to grow, you have to learn a lesson from everything.

Super Bowl marketing does not ignore developing technology. It should not be overlooked that social media is now one of the most important marketing tools of the day.

This is exactly why every commercial is still looked forward to, and the most successful commercials are still made during the Super Bowl.

You shouldn’t forget this either. If something is progressing, you should know how to take shape with it instead of denying it. You should consider social media marketing as the main criterion in creating brand awareness.

What can be done for this? It is necessary to expand your interaction area on all your social media accounts. How many followers do you have on Instagram? How many views do your TikTok videos get? You should consider all these in social media development!

Of course, growing through social media is a matter that takes time and effort. Especially if you do not have a huge budget and time to devote to this issue. This is exactly where social media providers come into play.

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