How to Get Ad Revenue on Instagram: 8 Tips to Monetization 

Instagram is one of the best platforms to make money. Businesses and creators can earn ad revenue on Instagram through various means, such as sponsored posts, influencer marketing, branded content partnerships, and direct advertising through Instagram’s ad platform.

If you want your presence on this platform to be profitable and make money like top influencers, you should know how to get ad revenue on Instagram.

Don’t worry! You’re at the right place because we will introduce you to strategies to make the most out of your monetization. 

What is Ad Revenue on Instagram? 

Instagram ad revenue refers to the income individuals or businesses generate through advertising on the Instagram platform. This revenue is typically earned by leveraging the reach and engagement of Instagram’s user base to promote products, services, or sponsored content to a targeted audience.

Strategies to Get Ad Revenue on Instagram

At first, it may seem difficult to earn money on Instagram through Instagram monetization. But the following strategies can help you find a perfect way to get ad revenue on Instagram. 

1. Join Affiliate Programs 

One of the best methods to get ad revenue on Instagram is participating in affiliate programs. This strategy is helpful for creators who have many followers on Instagram because more followers can bring them more revenue.

In this case, you should find a brand that runs an affiliate campaign to promote their products. They usually have a website and give you a dedicated link or code to share on your Instagram. If your followers click on the link and buy the product, you will get a portion of its price as revenue. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest methods to make money on Instagram. It is beneficial for brands and creators because brands sell more of their products, and creators earn money. It’s a win-win strategy. 

2. Take Part in Influencer Marketing 

Social media platforms, like Instagram, are the best places for brands to find their potential customers. One of the best strategies to let them know you exist is influencer marketing. 

In this method, brands find creators with many followers in their niche. These creators should be influential to their followers; for example, fitness influencers who can recommend gym clothes or apparel are more likely to be influential. Therefore, their collaboration with fitness brands will be more beneficial for both parties. 

Influencers usually get paid based on the number of followers. You will be surprised if you know who the highest-paid Instagram influencers are and how much they make money for each ad. 

sample of sponsored posts on Instagram

3. Use Instagram Ads on Profile 

Instagram ads are a way for businesses and creators to promote their content, products, or services to a targeted audience on the Instagram platform. 

These ads can appear in various formats, such as photos, videos, carousels, and stories. They are displayed to users within their Instagram feeds or stories.

While not widely available to all creators at the moment, Instagram has been exploring ways to share ad revenue with creators who produce engaging and monetizable content. 

So far, Instagram ads have only been shown between feeds or stories, and creators haven’t had any share revenue. Now, in some countries, they can show ads in their profile. 

Like other features on Instagram, the profile feed ads might not be available for your account. You should check out the Instagram help center to discover if you are eligible to get ad revenue on Instagram using this method. 

4. Enable Instagram Subscriptions 

During the testing phase, Instagram’s subscription feature allows creators to offer exclusive content to their followers and receive payment.

Now, creators can monetize on Instagram while offering a more personalized experience to their most dedicated followers. You can set your own monthly fee and earn recurring income from your subscribers.

The criteria for unlocking the paid subscription feature on Instagram is not solely based on the number of followers. Instagram considers various factors such as engagement rates, content quality, audience retention, and the creator’s adherence to Instagram’s community guidelines.

However, only the following creators can get ad revenue from Instagram subscriptions:

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Living in one of the eligible countries (See the list, which might be updated in the future)
  • Have at least 10K followers.

Meet Instagram Partner Monetization Policies and Content Monetization Policies.

sample of instagram subscription, a new method to get ad revenue on Instagram

5. Use Livestream Badge 

An Instagram Live badge is a feature that allows viewers to purchase badges during a creator’s Instagram Live video. Viewers who purchase badges stand out in the comments section and support the creator. 

As a creator, you can earn a share of the revenue from the badges purchased by your viewers during your live videos.

To be eligible to get ad revenue on Instagram using Livestream Badge, you should:

  • Have at least 10K followers.
  • Be +18.
  • Live in eligible countries.
  • Have a professional account.  

If you meet the criteria, you will receive an invitation and see the “Set Up Badges” button in your professional dashboard. 

screenshots of livestream badge on Instagram

6.  Enable Ads on Your Reels 

Ads on Reels are a new way to monetize your short and entertaining videos on Instagram. You can earn a share of ad revenue by displaying ads on your Reels content.

To enable ads on your Reels, you need to meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Pass and remain compliant with Instagram’s Partner Monetization Policies.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be in the United States, Japan, South Korea or Canada.
  • Have a professional account on Instagram.
ads on Instagram reels screenshots

7. Use Instagram Bonuses 

Instagram runs different programs to make it possible for its creators to get ad revenue and make money on this platform. 

Bonuses on Instagram are opportunities for you to earn money directly from Instagram. Since it is new and not available in all countries, there is little information about its eligibility and participation. However, according to the Instagram Help Center, the requirements and details of each bonus program may vary. 

If you qualify to earn a bonus, you’ll be notified in the Instagram app to set up and enable bonus payouts. You should note that bonus programs have limited time. If you don’t participate, it may expire soon. Therefore, unmute your notifications to avoid missing the invitation.

8. Use Instagram Gifts 

As mentioned, there are different ways to get ad revenue on Instagram. This platform allows your fans to support you using Instagram gifts

This feature is only available in limited locations, including the US and European countries. The creators in these locations can receive gifts on their reels. However, you should also meet the following criteria to be eligible for this feature:

You should also note that the Instagram gifts feature is not automatically enabled on your account. You should check it out in your professional dashboard. Furthermore, this feature is only available on Instagram reels. Gifts are calculated based on stars, and your followers can give you 1 to 100 stars on each reel. You will receive 1$ for each 100 stars, and you will be paid out after you reach $25.

Sample of Instagram gifts to get ad revenue on Instagram

Want to become eligible to get ad revenue on Instagram? 

Buy Instagram Followers on 

As you can see, in most cases, you need a certain number of followers on your Instagram account to be eligible to get ad revenue on Instagram. 

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If you buy Instagram followers, you not only show Instagram that you have a powerful account but also show your audience that your content is worth following. 

You should note that new visitors to your account will find you more interesting if they see you have many followers. Therefore, buying followers can help you get more followers and grow faster. 

Therefore, purchase followers for your Instagram and grow fast organically. 

Bottom Line 

From showing ads on your profile or getting paid by sponsorship on Instagram, there are different methods to get ad revenue on Instagram. However, in most cases, you need to have a minimum number of followers to be eligible for this type of revenue. 

Like most creators on Instagram, you can grow your account faster than usual if you buy Instagram followers. You can increase your visibility and chance of getting paid on Instagram using this trick. 


What are the best practices for maximizing ad revenue on Instagram?

It’s always helpful to optimize your content and follow different strategies to increase engagement rates. However, the most important thing to focus on is to grow your audience. Most Instagram features are unlocked after you reach a certain number of followers. You can buy Instagram followers to reach this goal faster. 

What are the eligibility criteria for earning ad revenue on Instagram?

Different revenue programs may have different criteria. However, most of them require you to be over 18 years old and have a certain number of followers. Furthermore, your engagement rate is considered one of the specific qualifications needed to participate in revenue-sharing programs or feature ads on their content.

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