How to Make a CapCut Template? 10 Top Viral TikTok Templates

Do you know how to make a CapCut template? Well, you better know because if you are a content creator or a TikToker, you can discover a way to earn extra money here. Let’s see how to make a CapCut template together.

What is CapCut?

CapCut website page indicates the new smart editing features

Before diving in, let’s clarify a question: What is CapCut? The platform that allows you to make high-quality videos with free tools is CapCut.

CapCut, which stands out as an all-in-one video editor and video creation application, actually belongs to TikTok’s creative company, Bytedance.

According to an article published in Time, Bytedance is expanding its reach with CapCut, which has 200 million monthly active users.

That being the case, CapCut continues to offer opportunities to content creators with a new feature every day. It has ready-made templates to allow even beginners to edit videos in seconds.

Pause for a moment, CapCut video templates? What exactly does this entail?

What are CapCut Video Templates?

CapCut Template page on the how to make a CapCut template blog

CapCut video templates are pre-designed, ready-to-use video themes. A template can contain pre-made clips, transitions, or animations.

A user can upload the desired video clips or images by selecting a template and that’s it. TikTok post is ready. Did you know that the top viral TikTok templates were actually created by CapCut?

CapCut video templates offer you everything you need to edit videos and increase their appeal.

Users who do not want to waste hours on the TikTok video editing application can prepare a new post in seconds, thanks to these ready-made templates.

Now, let’s delve into our main topic. It’s evident that users gravitate towards CapCut for its appealing ready-made templates. However, CapCut is keenly aware of the need to continuously excel in this aspect.

To address this, CapCut introduced a Creator Program, extending an invitation to all creators to design ready-made templates through CapCut and earn income. Don’t worry—we’ll clarify this right away.

What is the CapCut Creator Program?

CapCut Creator homepage that says Calling all CapCut Creators

CapCut invites all creative minds to join the Creator Program and earn money. If you know how to make a CapCut template, here is a great opportunity for you.

In this program, you can both improve your creative skills and earn money with your designs. If you are already creating interesting templates, why not transfer this skill to CapCut?

The CapCut Creator Program does not only help you create a CapCut template. Here are the most important advantages of the program:

  • Earn Money: It is possible to earn money both by making video templates and by spending time on what you love.
  • Get CapCut Boost: It is possible for creators to receive a special boost from CapCut to increase their number of followers.
  • Be the First to Try New Features: If you know how to make a CapCut template, you will be the first to try the newest features before anyone else.
  • Customer Support: Whether you have a creator account large or small, CapCut offers the benefit of personalized support to all creators.
  • Free Access to Professional Tools: It is possible to access all CapCut Pro tools free of charge.

It is worth noting that: There are two different programs that creators can choose from in the CapCut Creator Program. These:

  • CapCut Templates
  • CapCut Tutorials

CapCut Tutorials contains content that gives users ideas about video editing. We will examine the CapCut Templates program for those who know how to make a CapCut template. Let’s continue.

How to Join CapCut Template Creator Program?

A blog image of a man listening to music with his headphones, with a CapCut QR code

If you know how to make a CapCut template, you can join CapCut’s Template Creator program.  Wondering how? The process is quite straightforward:

1. Be sure to read the Creator Program agreement before applying.

2. Download the CapCut application to your phone via Google PlayStore or App Store.

3. Log in to the application, go to the template section, click on the banner at the top of the screen.

4. Here you will see a form. Some of the questions asked on the form are:

  • Are you over 18 years old? (You must be over 18 years old to participate in the program.)
  • Are you currently living in the USA? (The program currently gives priority to creators living in the US.)
  • Submit a CapCut-edited video as an example (60 seconds or less).
  • Do you have any suggestions for CapCut?

Once you fill out the form and receive approval, you are ready. You can now earn money by creating templates through CapCut.

How to Make a CapCut Template?

CapCut video editor page

If you’re aiming to earn through CapCut, you’ll need to craft intriguing and distinctive templates, a task left to your creative prowess. However, for beginners, we’re here to guide you through the process—after all, that’s why we exist, isn’t it?

Now, let’s get into the details: How to make a CapCut template?

  • Create a Project

First of all, if you want to create a template, you must create a project. It will be useful to consider the TikTok format when creating a project. After all, you are making templates for TikTok.

  • Edit Template

CapCut provides many tools to expand creators’ boundaries. Many tools are free for creators, including text, effects, audio, animation, and AI. You can also edit the template you want to create using these features.

  • Save Your Project as a Template

Have you created the desired template? Ok that’s great then you can now save your project as a template. To do this, click on the Export button at the bottom of the screen and then click on Template.

Don’t forget to give your template an interesting name here. Choose the cover image to be interesting. Fine-tune image resolution and FPS options as well.

Yes, that’s it! Now your template is ready to be used by other users. Since you are part of the Creator Program, CapCut will boost your account and highlight your designs.

Top Viral TikTok Templates

You know how to make a Capcut template. So let’s take a look at what other creators have done? So you can discover the latest trends and get inspiration for your own creative projects.

Here are 10 CapCut templates that went viral on TikTok:

1. Happy Birthday

Considering the number of views over 40 million, this template is quite popular. It’s also a sweet way to celebrate your loved ones’ birthday.

2. I Love You

With over 41 million views, this template is one of the viral posts.

3. My 2023 So Far

We know that 2023 is behind us, but it is always possible to reuse this template for summer, winter or the new year.

4. I Got a Sister

We can say that it is the favorite template of those who want to glorify sibling love.

5. In Photograph

If you want to turn your photos into TikTok videos, we have a great template suggestion for you.

6. The Time…

How about taking your followers back to the past?

7. 1 Solution

Share that thing that cures all your problems.

8. Who’s Your Best Friend?

Another popular template suggestion is to create a TikTok post with your best friend.

9. Beautiful things don’t ask for attention…

There is no need to introduce the video template, the title explains it enough.

10. My Therapy

Share what’s good for you with your followers!

Guidelines for Joining to the CapCut Creator Program

A woman films herself on TikTok

For those who know how to make a CapCut template, joining the Creator Program means extra income & more TikTok followers. However, not everyone can enter the Creator Program at their convenience.

Because there is a lot of competition here. Of course, we are not surprised that there will be a lot of creators on a giant platform like TikTok.

So what can you do to stand out from this competition? To participate in the Creator Program, you must show that you are unique and different.

Here are the most useful advice we can give you:

1. Discover New Techniques

CapCut is a platform that constantly updates its interface and develops new features. Here, it is recommended that you prepare up-to-date templates by exploring new effects, animations or other features. This way, you can also show how expert you are to participate in the program.

2. Get Inspired by Other Creators

If you’re a creator, you need to have a network of creators. The creators around you can inspire you with new ideas through their work. For this, it is recommended to join groups established on Discord, Telegram and Twitch.

3. Follow Trends

Following existing trends can make you trendy too. Of course, we are not saying to do the same. But replicating a trending template can gain you a lot of interaction.

4. Be Original

And our last advice: Be original! What we call creativity is just innovation. Don’t be afraid to implement your own ideas just because someone else isn’t doing it. Who knows, maybe you will be the founder of new trends?

How Much Do You Earn with CapCut?

A woman holding money in one hand and showing a phone with the CapCut symbol in the other hand

We can say that we saved the most interesting topic for last. If you know how to make a CapCut template, you should also know your earnings. CapCut payments are made to creators who manage to meet platform standards.

When you add new templates, you will be able to receive payments from CapCut. You may need to add more new templates to get more payments.

With CapCut, it is possible to earn more than $1000 based on template creation. In addition to all these, there are also weekly bonuses and extra reward programs.

Final Thoughts

Here we come to the end of our article. If you know how to make a CapCut template, we definitely recommend you join the Creator Program.

Big platforms like CapCut always need creators. You can earn money by doing what you love and improve yourself even more in this field.

If you have a large audience on TikTok, you can attract the attention of the Creator Program by sharing the CapCut templates you created with your followers. 

Did you know that you can instantly increase your TikTok followers with the option to buy followers?


frequently asked questions

How to remove templates on CapCut?

  • Open the CapCut application, go to the Template section.
  • Click on the three dots next to the template you want to remove.
  • You will see the Delete option.

How to see CapCut templates on TikTok?

  • Download the CapCut application to your phone.
  • Open the TikTok application and search for “CapCut Templates” in the search section.
  • Choose the one that suits you from the templates here.
  • Click on the “Try This Template” option that appears at the bottom of the video.
  • You will then be automatically directed to the CapCut application.

Who can try to join the CapCut Creator Program?

Creators who are over 18 years old, know how to make a CapCut template, and are original and different can participate in the program. Creators living in the US are given priority.

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