How to Use AI in Social Media?- 10 Effective Ways To Use AI

The use of AI in social media is increasing day by day. Artificial intelligence, which is involved in many aspects of our lives, are also becoming an indispensable part of social media marketing. 

Some still deny it, some have already adapted. In this article, we will look at how AI is used in social media. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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How Does AI Affect Social Media?

A blog image of emojis coming out of a phone, representing the use of AI in social media

The integration of AI in social media has become unmistakable. Artificial intelligence, a presence in our lives spanning health, navigation, construction, transportation, and various other sectors, naturally finds its niche in social media marketing. Should this revelation surprise us? Certainly not.

The use of AI in social media is quite common in text, audio, video and content production. The main reason for getting involved in social media marketing is that it redefines the entire productivity. Everything can be easier and faster with artificial intelligence.

For example, a user can use an AI content generator for TikTok. All s/he has to do is tell the artificial intelligence tool what s/he wants. Then artificial intelligence will prepare a special content for the user.

But do you think everything is that easy? This is where creativity doubts arise. Users may not appreciate AI content because they value personal creativity.

This does not mean that the use of artificial intelligence should stop. You can’t rebel against technology, you can only move forward with it. That’s why you can use artificial intelligence to fuel your own creativity!

10 Ways to Use AI in Social Media

Whether you are an individual account or a professional doing brand marketing, it is possible to use AI at every moment of social media. Of course, with advanced artificial intelligence technologies, experts can recreate social media algorithms. 

However, in this article, we will show you ways to use AI to save time in content production. If you want to increase the interaction rate by sharing regularly on a social media account, we recommend that you do not forget to use AI. 

Here are the ways to use AI in social media, which you can use at every moment of content production:

1. Creating Images

Perhaps one of the issues that content creators have the most trouble with is finding images. Even though they pay for many stock images to find visuals related to the text they create, what they are looking for still does not pair up exactly.

Thanks to artificial intelligence image generators, it is possible to create images from scratch. Using trained artificial neural networks, such platforms are based on text input entered by users.

For example, we tried the AI Image Generator feature of for you. We asked the platform to show us a picture of a man working on a computer on the beach. And within seconds, the image we want is ready.

AI Image Generator displays an image of a man working on the beach as a result

2. Creating Videos

Creating videos for TikTok, Instagram, or even your website can be the most challenging part of social media marketing. Of course, the element of creativity must also be taken into account here. However, when you want to save time, AI video generators may be just what you are looking for.

AI video generators, which automatically create videos, use computer algorithms and deep learning techniques. It juxtaposes a series of video and audio clips to match the desired video theme.
For example, we tested the artificial intelligence tool for you. We asked AI to portray a customer service representative to explain the ordering process for a website. We can say that the result is quite impressive.

The Free AI video generator program offers a demo that portrays a customer service representative

3. Creating Captions

Do you know what brings the most interaction on social media? Captions! Yes, even if your visual is not enough, if you have written a good caption, your target audience will interact with you instantly.

However, social media content creators may have difficulty finding an interesting and clearly written caption when creating regular content. This is where the use of AI in social media comes into play. AI caption generators can help you save time.

For example, we tried‘s Free Caption Generator for you. We asked artificial intelligence to write us a cheerful caption for a book post. You can see the result below.

hootsuite's free caption generator creates captions about books

4. Blog/Text Creation

One of the most important issues for social media marketers is blogging or copy writing. It is very important for a brand with a website to rank higher on Google. For this purpose, all on-site articles, including blogs, are optimized according to the Google algorithm.

This means: writing according to SEO. When keywords and creativity come together, Google will rank you at the top. Of course, it is possible to find many AI Text Generator tools in this regard.

For example, we tried the ChatGPT 3.5 tool, which everyone knows and is free to use. We asked artificial intelligence to write us a 200-word blog about productivity. The result is below:

ChatGPT 3.5 tool writes a 200-word blog about productivity


Now we need to warn you at one point. What do you think Google thinks about this? Do you think everything is that easy?
Google says its priority is always creative and human-generated text. Google is never against the use of AI. But it thinks you should also know the usage limit. Here is the statement made by Google:

Google's statement about the use of AI

As a result, you can use AI on social media. However, when it comes to competition, you have to draw a line here. 

If you’re playing against the Google algorithm, know its rules. Find out the attitude of social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok towards the use of AI!

5. Social Media Planning and Scheduling

Social media planning allows you to share content more regularly across all your accounts. However, deciding which content to share at what time can be a tiring process.

AI social media planning tools will prepare a regular program for you. Such tools allow social media accounts to remain active by sharing planned content on time.
For example, Ocoya: Social Media Management tool can help you share regular content.

YouTube video

6. Trend Tracking

When producing content related to your industry, you need to constantly follow the trends in order to get plenty of interaction. This can be difficult as developing technology creates new trends in many sectors.

Artificial intelligence tools analyze by sector, allowing you to catch relevant trends. This means: You have the advantage of instantly shaping your content plan according to industry trends.

As an example, let’s look at the newly launched Trend Hunter GPT tool. This tool can provide detailed analysis on any industry, show trends and give new product ideas.

YouTube video

7. Influencer Identification

Thanks to artificial intelligence tools, it is possible to choose the most ideal influencer for your brand. Influencers are very effective in the growth of brands thanks to their highly interactive target audience.

But which one to choose among all the influencers? Artificial intelligence tools analyze both your target audience and the influencer target audience in detail. Thus, it allows you to make the most appropriate choice.

For example, the emplifi tool can be a very successful tool for influencer identification. There is even a special link for the demo on their website.

Website explaining the influencer identification feature of the Emplifi platform

8. Ad Management

Struggling to navigate the complexities of your online ads? Imagine having a personal assistant to handle all the work for you. Well, hold on a moment, because such an assistant already exists!

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using AI in social media is advertising management. AI algorithms conduct detailed research and manage the online name process for you.

As an example, we can take the BlendAI tool. This tool is known for providing detailed analysis to its users regarding Ad Management.

Website describing online marketing management of the BlendAI tool

9. AI-Powered Social Media Analytics

Considering the social media channels a brand has, it can even become quite difficult to get out of it. Each platform has its own algorithm and functioning. That being the case, they all need to be analyzed one by one.

AI-supported social media analytics will benefit you, allowing you to manage the entire performance of your social media accounts from a single source. It allows you to make your social media strategy stronger.

As an example, we can take the Auris platform. This platform, which stands out as an artificial intelligence tool, allows you to measure your performance in detail on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google+ and many other channels.

Website containing social media analysis of the Auris platform

10. Chatbots for Customer Service

Customer service is the biggest clue about the reliability of your brand. The stronger your customer service is, the more reliable you will appear.

Artificial intelligence-supported chatbots can answer customers’ questions just like a human. Chatbots trained according to brand needs enable brands to be successful in both time and budget management.

For example, with Tidio you can create chatbots or live chat algorithms for your brand.

Tidio tool's website providing information about chatbots

Benefits of AI in Social Media

The use of Al on social media is increasing day by day. Yes, we said before that it may raise doubts about creativity. 

But if you discover that it has more positive points than negative aspects, you will see how useful artificial intelligence can actually be.

Some of the benefits of AI in social media include:

Personalized Content Recommendations

Someone who recommends personalized content with Chat AI

Did you know that since the advent of artificial intelligence, the content you encounter on your social media accounts aligns more closely with your interests? This phenomenon has reached a point where users often ponder, “Is someone listening to me?”

Rest assured, no one is eavesdropping on you. However, what is happening is a continuous analysis of your preferences. Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and numerous other applications leverage artificial intelligence in their algorithms to craft personalized content recommendations.

This ensures that users come across new content that resonates with their interests while filtering out mundane or irrelevant material from their feeds. Pretty cool, right? (Admittedly, it’s a little scary too.)

Real-Time Language Translation

A blog image representing that artificial intelligence will be able to instantly translate into different languages

One of the most prominent domains where artificial intelligence finds extensive application is in language translation. Translators, take a breath! There’s nothing to worry about…

Social media is no longer just regional, you can get content suggestions from anywhere. The main reason for this is that artificial intelligence translates in real time. For example, it is possible to instantly translate a caption on Instagram into your own language.

Of course, it is also worth noting that there is still a need for an editor in literary, technical and other translations. However, the success of artificial intelligence in instant translation is an undoubted fact.

Personal Data Security

A blog image of a man holding a phone, stating that personal data security is ensured

We can say that the use of AI in social media is most beneficial in terms of security. Because artificial intelligence is now used to detect malware for social media platforms.

Thus, it becomes possible to create a safer environment for users. So, when it comes to personal data security, it is impossible not to praise the use of AI.

It is also possible to have malicious content checked automatically on your social media account. Thanks to artificial intelligence, when someone leaves a bad comment on your account, it is automatically deleted. So, there is no need to constantly check if someone has sworn on your account.

Determining Target Audience

Someone using a computer with target audience written on it

Every brand, big or small, has a target audience. Marketing is also done in line with this target audience. The use of AI in social media allows you to identify your target audience more clearly.

Who wants the product you sell, what are their age groups, where do they live, what are their interests and more can be discovered with AI. Thus, it becomes possible to be more successful in creating advertisements.

For example, it is very easy to create personalized advertising campaigns based on the interests of individual users.

Instant Customer Support

A blog image showing the chatbot responding instantly

made great progress in this regard. For example, it is now possible to give instant answers to your customers.

Artificial intelligence-supported chatbots provide instant answers to your customers’ needs. All you have to do is train the artificial intelligence. Then you can have faster and more efficient customer service.

Challenges of AI in Social Media

We examined the use cases and benefits of AI in social media. Of course, it is not a completely rosy situation. Because the use of AI in social media may bring some challenges.

Specific challenges around the use of AI in social media include:

  • Data Privacy

If you are working with an artificial intelligence tool, you have to open all your data to a third-party company. Artificial intelligence performs detailed analysis. To do this, it wants to access all data instantly.

For this purpose, it asks you for permission regarding data privacy. If you are going to work with an artificial intelligence tool, it is useful to be careful about this.

  • Reliability

There is no such thing as every artificial intelligence tool is successful. After all, they all have separate algorithms. In fact, most of them do not even have up-to-date information.

Actually, let’s do this, let’s ask a question to the Chat GPT tool that we all use and learn the answer from itself.

Asking Chat GPT if the information it provides is reliable or not
  • Cost

The cost of some AI tools can be quite high. This may negatively affect the budget you allocate for social media marketing.

Final Thoughts

None of us can now deny the use of AI in social media. In fact, we can all save time by taking advantage of these tools. But you should always take your own creativity into account.

There is a saying we love very much.

ChatGPT does not have childhood trauma.

In short, this means: Artificial intelligence does not have human emotions. People always interact with humanly created content because they find something from themselves. How much artificial intelligence can do this and how close it can get to your target audience are all question marks.

Don’t put the entire task on AI tools. Get help, take advantage of it, but always give a piece of yourself.

Even spending money on AI to grow your social media sometimes doesn’t work. Another way to expand your reach is to turn to social media providers.

You can achieve easier and instant growth in your target audience by purchasing followers for many platforms, including Instagram, Twitter or TikTok.


frequently asked questions

Why should you use AI in social media?

To save time and increase productivity. Artificial intelligence tools benefit content creators because they work on deep learning models and can perform detailed analyzes within seconds.

What should be considered when using AI?

Attention should be paid to the authenticity and reliability of the information. It is also recommended to pay attention to the use of plagiarism content.

Can I use AI videos in TikTok?

Yes, it is okay to use AI videos on TikTok as long as you label the AI videos. The reason for giving labels is to enable users to distinguish the difference between artificial and real.

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