How to Verify X Account? Best Twitter Verification Guide

When Twitter became X, many things changed on this platform. One of them is how X users can verify their accounts and take advantage of X Premium. Now, getting a blue tick is more accessible than before.

Verifying your X account is crucial to enhancing security, gaining access to exclusive features, and boosting your credibility within the platform. So, get ready to learn how to verify X account.

How to Get X Blue Tick?

By verifying your X account, a blue tick will be displayed next to your profile name, indicating that the person behind this account is who they claim.

The X platform offers three types of badges to its users. Although we all know them by blue tick, X users may receive blue, gold, and gray ticks. Let’s see what are the differences:

X Blue Tick It’s for prominent users on X. If you are not a brand or your account is not related to government, after verifying your account, you will receive a blue tick.
X Gold TickIt’s the dedicated badge for well-known brands, like Nike or Adidas.
X Gray TickIt is given to X accounts that are related to governments.
X different badges for different accounts: Blue tick, gold tick, and gray tick

Like any other social media platforms, the verification is available to users who meet the eligibility criteria. Do you want to know if you are eligible to get the blue tick on Twitter X account? Let’s see what you need.

What Do You Need to Get Verified On Twittter? X Verification Requirements

First, to verify your X account, you should have an active subscription to X Premium. Then, your account will be reviewed for the following requirements:

  • Complete profile: You should have a full display name, a profile picture, a banner, and a profile bio. If you have a website, you can also add it to your X bio to make it more credible to receive the tick. 
  • Active user: The Twitter verification badge is for users who are active on Twitter. Your last activities shouldn’t be longer than 30 days ago. 
  • Security: You should confirm your phone number to receive the verification code. 
  • Non-Deceptive: Despite meeting all the previous requirements, if your account has any misleading or deceptive content or was reported as an abuser or spam, you will face problems receiving a blue badge. Furthermore, don’t repeatedly change your profile picture or name, as it is another sign of being deceptive on this platform. 

How to Verify X Account? Step By Step Guide

If you think you are eligible to receive a blue tick, here are the steps to verify X account:

  • If you’re using X on your mobile, tap on your profile picture to open the following column.
X Premium Option
  • You will either have an option called ‘Verified’ or ‘Premium.’ Both do the same. 
  • In the next step, you will see three types of subscriptions: Basic, Premium, and Premium+. Each of them has a monthly price. You should note that you will only get a verified checkmark if you apply for Premium or Premium + subscriptions. The Basic won’t give you any checkmark
How to Verify X Account step by step guide
  • Select the plan that better suits your needs. You can either pay monthly or select an annual subscription. 
  • In the next steps, X (or Twitter) will ask you to enter your password to ensure you are the owner of this account. After that, you should verify your number. 
  • You will receive a verification code. Enter it into the related field and tap ‘Continue.’
  • In the final step of X verification, you will be led to the payment process page. 
  • X may take a while to review your account and verify it. You will be informed via your notifications. 
Paying for Twitter blue tick to get verified on X

How to Lose Twitter Verification?

Although getting a blue tick on X is easier than before, you may lose it as easily as you get it. Here are some reasons you may lose your X verification badge:

  • Every time you change your profile picture or name, X needs to review your account again. Therefore, you will lose your blue tick for a few days.
  • Your subscription to X Premium might be finished. You need to reapply for this subscription and pay the monthly price.
  • Violating the X Terms of Service will also lead to losing the X verification badge. If several users report your account, it may result in the permanent loss of the blue tick or account suspension.

You should also note that X Premium is not available in all countries. X platform does not process payments from users in countries affected by US government’s economic sanctions and trade compliance laws.

What Are the Advantages of Blue Checkmark on X?

Since the new method of X verification requires you to pay money to get the blue tick, you may wonder if it is worth it. Here are the advantages that a blue tick adds to your account:


The verification badge adds credibility to the account; it’s general to all social media platforms, whether it’s X, Instagram, or TikTok. The blue tick indicates that the account represents a verified and trusted source.

2- Trust and Authenticity

Users are more likely to trust and engage with an account with a blue checkmark, knowing it has been confirmed as legitimate.

3- Visibility and Recognition

Verified accounts often receive higher visibility and stand out among others, making them more recognizable to users. They have their dedicated tab on notifications.

Therefore, if you reply to a celebrity or someone with many replies, your reply will be shown separately and will have a higher chance of being read.

4- Protection from Impersonation

The blue checkmark helps prevent impersonation and identity theft, as it distinguishes the verified account from potential imitators.

Therefore, if you are a brand using the X platform, it’s essential for you to verify your X account to prevent others from making an account under your name.

5- Write Longer Posts and Edit

One of the benefits of having a verified account on X is the capability to write longer posts. Generally, X users can write posts (previously known as twits) that contain up to 280 characters. But verified accounts are allowed to write up to 25,000 characters. It may sound like a story, but it is useful for some accounts.

6- Access to Special Features

On some platforms, verified accounts may gain access to exclusive features or tools, enhancing their overall experience and reach.

Verified X accounts can make money on this platform by using some of the monetization features that X offers, such as:

  • Ads Revenue Sharing: This feature allows you to make money from the ads displayed in the replies of your content. Besides having a verified X account, you should have at least 500 followers and 5M organic impressions on your posts to be eligible to use this feature. 
  • Creator Subscriptions: Using this feature, you can offer exclusive content, and your followers can pay a monthly fee to support you. However, it’s not available for everyone. Apart from having a blue tick, you should have at least 500 followers and an active Twitter user. 
  • X Premium: Users can access additional features, exclusive content, or enhanced functionality in exchange for a subscription fee. You don’t need to have a certain number of followers or impressions. Instead, you can pay a monthly fee to access advanced analytics, insights, and tools to grow your audience and revenue on X.
benefits of verifying Twitter

Accelerate Your X Growth

As you can see, having a blue tick without a minimum of 500 followers won’t generate revenue. Therefore, if you want to make money on this platform, you need to accelerate your growth and add more followers to your account. provides social media growth services, which can add more followers to your account in the quickest way. You can buy Twitter followers and speed up the process of X monetization.

You don’t need to worry about the authenticity of the followers we add to your account. They all have profile pictures with recent activities, making them appear active users on this platform.

We also have a 30-day money-back policy to ensure that we care about your account’s safety and satisfaction.

Bottom Line

Overall, the blue checkmark on X can enhance credibility, trust, and visibility, offering numerous benefits for individuals and entities seeking to establish a reputable and authentic online presence. However, the X platform also has rules for its users who apply for verifications. Once you get it, you can access more features on this platform. But be sure not to cross any X rules.


Can anyone have an X verified account?

Everyone can apply for a verification badge, but not all of them may be eligible to receive the blue tick. Check out the requirements before applying for X verification.

Can a personal account be verified on X?

Yes, on many social media and online platforms, it is possible for a personal account to be verified. Verification is often used to establish the authenticity of well-known individuals, public figures, and notable personalities, but the X platform also allows for the verification of personal accounts under certain circumstances.

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