How Did We Help a YouTuber Gain 600K Subscribers?

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A creative content creator from the US approached with the aim of expanding his YouTube channel’s reach and engagement, buying subscribers for YouTube.

Despite producing quality content, he faced challenges in gaining visibility and attracting a larger audience due to the highly competitive nature of the platform.

Note: Out of respect for our client’s privacy, we’re keeping their identity under wraps. It’s a commitment we make to ensure their success story is shared with discretion, letting their achievements speak volumes without revealing personal details.

What Was the Challenge?

With 2.91 billion monthly active users on YouTube the goal was simple: get more views on the videos and more subscribers engaging with the channel. 

But figuring out how to stand out in a crowded world of YouTube content was the tricky part. 

On top of that, our client was wondering if buying YouTube subscribers was really the way to go. 

Can this actually help me make money on YouTube?” they asked, weighing the pros and cons of using our service.

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As you can see in the picture above, despite uploading over 100 quality videos, this YouTuber was stuck with just 9,000 subscribers. 

The big challenges were standing out among so many content creators and building a solid follower base and a natural-like engagement. 

That’s what we aimed to improve, making the channel not just bigger but better seen and more active on YouTube.

So, how did we do it? Solution to Grow YouTube Subs

At, our strategy for enhancing a YouTube channel’s growth is comprehensive and methodically planned. 

Our primary aim was to transform the channel from a modest 9K subscribers to a higher number but gradually in order to keep it natural.

Initially hesitant, the YouTuber needed reassurance about our service. So, we began by instantly adding 100 subscribers to demonstrate the speed and quality we offer. 

Once satisfied with the results, we proceeded with our monthly subscriber injection plan.

Additionally, while adding followers to the channel, we also recommended enhancing its natural growth by purchasing views and likes for the videos.

Our goal was to simulate authentic engagement, thereby boosting the algorithm and lending a credible appearance to the channel overall.

What Happened Next

By strategically adding more subscribers to the channel each month, we didn’t just aim for a numeric increase; our goal was to transform the channel’s dynamics, boosting it from 9K to an impressive 600K. 

a screenshot of a YouTube channel's subscribers after buying subscribers from

It’s crucial to note that this remarkable growth wasn’t solely due to inorganic additions. 

After a few months of collaboration, a significant turning point was witnessed when the channel initially lifted from 9K to 30K through our efforts. 

It began to magnetically attract organic subscribers!

This organic influx is a testament to the efficacy of our approach at, demonstrating how initial boosts can catalyze natural growth.

As we diligently continued to add between 10K to 20K subscribers monthly, our strategy was twofold: not only did we focus on increasing the subscriber count, but we also devoted attention to enhancing engagement. 

This meant adding customized YouTube comments and short video views, creating a ripple effect of increased visibility and interaction. 

Such targeted enhancements played a pivotal role in not just expanding the channel’s reach but in fostering a vibrant, active community around the content.

At, our customized strategy was meticulously designed with two core objectives in mind:

  • Subscriber Growth: We aimed to significantly grow the subscriber base by introducing real, active users who have a genuine interest in the content niche.
  • Enhanced Engagement: By strategically boosting subscriber numbers, we set the stage for increased organic engagement. Higher view counts, more likes, and a surge in comments followed, thanks to the active, engaged community that formed around the channel. 

By enhancing the channel’s appeal both to YouTube’s algorithm and to potential viewers, we’ve laid a foundation for continuous organic growth. 

This strategy underscores our commitment to not just elevate numbers but to ensure that each subscriber adds real value to the content creator’s journey on YouTube.

Our Client’s Testimonial

“I was really passionate about my content but frustrated with how slow growth was on YouTube. Partnering with changed that; it was like unlocking a new level of visibility and engagement. They provided the initial push my channel needed, and now I’m seeing continuous organic growth. It’s been an incredible journey of transformation.”

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