How to Get More Comments on TikTok: 7 Expert Tips

TikTok comments are so valuable. They can increase your views by improving engagement. You should know that engagement is so crucial on social media. It shows your content is performing well, so TikTok finds it more practical to show it to others. Therefore, you need to learn how to get more comments on TikTok.

Why Do Comments Matter on TikTok?

Before getting into the steps to get more comments on TikTok, you should know the benefits that these comments have and how they impact your TikTok account. Let’s see the reasons why you should try your best to get more comments.

1-Increasing Engagement

Likes and comments indicate that your content is appealing and engaging to your audience. It shows they have checked your content thoroughly and want to communicate with you.

The engagement rate is one of the essential things that TikTok considers to value a video. Therefore, more comments can increase engagement and add to the weight of your content.

2- Getting into TikTok Explore Page

As mentioned, engagement rate is one of the factors that the TikTok algorithm considers when putting a video on the TikTok Explore Page. That’s where you have a chance to showcase your video content to more people, especially those who don’t follow you.

Getting into the TikTok Explore page is the key to gaining more followers, likes, and views. That’s why almost all TikTok creators struggle to show their content on this page.

TikTok explore page

3- Boosting Video Impressions

More comments signal to TikTok’s algorithm that the content generates noteworthy interest and interaction. Then, it increases the visibility of the content, whether by prioritizing its hashtags on search results or showing it in the “Explore” or “For You page.”

The more people view your video; the more impressions it will get. A high number of video impressions indicates that the content is being viewed by a large audience. Therefore, new viewers trust the content more and consider the content to be authentic, fun, and valuable.

4- Knowing Your Audience

Comments are critical on social media. That’s when you can hear your audience’s voice and opinion, whether about your content or the topic.

Accordingly, you can collect their comments and discover what content is more appealing to them.

Infographic on reasons to get more comments on TikTok

Tips and Tricks on How to Get More Comments on TikTok

Now that you are convinced you should get more comments on TikTok, it’s time to learn more about the tricks to gain more comments on this platform.

1- Create Engaging Content

Develop interesting, entertaining, or informative content to encourage viewers to engage with your video through comments. Here are some tips that can help you create better videos:

  • Select a niche that you are good at. If you are not a dancer, there is no need to create a dancing video. Because you will not have any chance to get views on content you are not good at.
  • Create content around viral challenges, trends, or current events to increase the likelihood of viewers engaging with your video through comments.
  • Follow trends, but don’t copy others’ scenarios or content. You should always add something new to your video, something fun and engaging that other videos lack.
  • Be creative. It’s always creativity that sells on TikTok and other social media platforms.
  • If you are a beginner, you may find it hard to find what engages your followers. Therefore, don’t be afraid of testing different content and ideas. You can then evaluate the insights of each video to see which is more interesting.
  • Don’t forget to use catchy songs and music because music is a key element of TikTok videos, as it can set your content’s mood, tone, and style.
Infographic on tips to create engaging content for TikTok

2- Ask Questions

One of the best methods to get more comments on TikTok is to ask questions. Prompt your viewers to share their thoughts, opinions, suggestions, or experiences related to your video content by asking specific questions in captions or during the video.

Here is another trick: Adding the question in the caption or on the video title will increase the chance of viewing the video. Your audience is more likely to view a video if they know what the content is. Therefore, always give them hints. 

Zach King TikTok post about Apple Pro

3- Reply to Comments

Show your audience that you value their thoughts and opinions by responding to their comments. This can encourage more viewers to engage with your content, knowing you are active in the conversation.

You should note that your replies are also calculated in your engagement rate. It’s essential to communicate with your audience to make them more loyal to your account.

4- Comment on Other Videos

It’s not always just about you. It’s a social media platform, so you should socialize and make more friends. One way to get more comments on your content is to be an active creator and user on TikTok. Don’t sit in your room waiting for others to come and communicate. You should introduce yourself to others.

Therefore, check out video content similar to yours and leave your comments. Others can see your comments, view your profile, and check out your content. If they find interesting content on your page, they will also communicate with you.

5- Use Call-to-Action

Don’t ask simple questions. Include direct calls-to-action in your video captions, such as “Tell me your favorite tips in the comments” or “Let me know what you think below.”

However, Call-to-Actions are not always questions that will lead to comments. You may want your viewer to take other actions, including participating in polls or taping on a link.

Here are some tips that can help you use better CTAs:

  • Use storytelling CTAs: Storytelling is an engaging technique on social media. You can use this method to create a compelling narrative that leads to your CTA. For example, you can share a problem, a solution, and a result and then invite viewers to give you more solutions.
  • Add CTA to video: It’s always helpful to write text on your video. For example, you can add texts such as “Follow me for more tips” or “Let me know your idea” to ask your audience to take action. 
  • Use verbal prompts: If you’re creating a video explaining something, it’s important to speak directly to your audience and point your message to them. For example, you can say “Comment below what you think.” This can create a more personal and direct connection with your audience.

6- Add Humor to Your Content

This trick is one of the essential things you can incorporate into your content creation. Humor is crucial on TikTok as it can make your content more engaging, shareable, and memorable. Meanwhile, most people are using the social media platforms for fun.

Therefore, they won’t watch boring and static videos. They want more fun and excitement. However, it doesn’t mean all TikTok creators should create pranks or comedy. Whatever your niche is, add more fun to it.

Sample of funny content on TikTok: Khaby ad about Samsung Galaxy phone

Here are some tips that can help you be more fun, even on serious subjects:

  • Visual humor, such as exaggerated facial expressions, unexpected scene changes, or clever visual effects, can instantly grab attention and elicit laughter.
  • Timing is crucial for humor. Experiment with unexpected pauses or rapid cuts to create a comedic rhythm within your videos.
  • Talk about a fun memory or experience you had on a specific topic.

7- Buy Comments

Last but not least, you can buy TikTok comments. It’s a strategy that many beginners on this platform use to create a more engaging situation for their audience and new visitors. People are more likely to take action when they see someone else has done that before.

So, it might be more pleasant for them to see a post that already has some comments or likes. That’s the same for followers. If they see an account that has many followers, they find it more interesting to follow. That’s why creators also buy TikTok followers to create credibility.

You may wonder how buying TikTok comments works. That’s easy.

When buying comments on, we bring you meaningful and personalized comments from accounts that have profile pictures and recent activities. The comments are designed for high retention rates, so they will stay visible on your posts longer.

Therefore, no one can distinguish the comments you buy from the comments other users leave. 

Bottom Line

According to TikTok for Business reports, almost 92% of TikTok users take an action after viewing a video, whether they like it, send it to others, or leave a comment. This shows that with a little effort, you can get more comments on TikTok and become more popular on this platform.


Does TikTok limit comments?

Yes, TikTok sometimes limits comments to prevent spam. This limitation often happens on profiles that leave too many comments at once or act like bots and unreal accounts. Therefore, TikTok temporarily bans them from writing more comments.

How to get 10k likes on TikTok?

You can try several methods to increase your TikTok likes, from creating genuine and engaging content to participating in TikTok ads. However, the quickest way to get 10k likes on TikTok is by using platforms like, to buy TikTok likes

Does commenting boost TikTok videos?

Commenting is one of the factors that can boost TikTok videos, as it indicates a high level of engagement and interest from the viewers. The TikTok algorithm rewards content that has a lot of comments by showing it to more users on the ‘For You’ or ‘Explore’ page.

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