How to Get More Followers on LinkedIn? – Top Tips

Wondering how to get more followers on LinkedIn? We are here to guide you in improving your online presence with top 10 tips! Without further ado, let’s get started!

LinkedIn is the largest business network among social media platforms. Being the world’s largest professional business network with 850 million members in 200 countries puts LinkedIn in a very special position. This special position is completely associated with your organization’s online presence.

Your LinkedIn page is the most important center for;

  • Creating brand awareness,
  • Developing potential customer network,
  • Discovering new collaborations.

If you want to improve your organization’s online visibility, you must first make yourself visible. How do you stand out from all this competition with millions of members?

This is where the success metrics of your LinkedIn page are important. LinkedIn followers are the most important of success metrics. So what should you do to grow your LinkedIn page organically? Let’s discover together.

10 Tips to Get More Followers on LinkedIn

You may be an organization that has just opened a LinkedIn page, or you may have a page that has been trying to grow for years. That doesn’t matter, we’ll look at all kinds of ways you can get more followers on LinkedIn. From beginner to advanced, follow the tips below!

1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Page

forbes optimized linkedin page

Want to get more followers on LinkedIn? So, first of all, make yourself discoverable. Users won’t find you unless they specifically search for you. This requires LinkedIn page optimization.

  • Add keywords related to your organization to the LinkedIn “About” section.
  • Fill out the LinkedIn profile completely by adding other social media platform links, business contact information, and all other critical information.
  • Share new SEO-focused content. (Organize blog and post captions by keywords.)
  • Act according to the ranking updates of search engines such as Google and always keep the optimization of your page up to date.
  • Place a LinkedIn button on your organization’s website and let your customers know about your page.

2. Focus on Brand Awareness

linkedin business brand awareness benefits

If you want to get more followers on LinkedIn, you need to make users notice your brand. Being noticed is the most basic step in creating brand awareness. How is this achieved?

  • Share about industries related to your brand. Don’t share posts that are off-topic or unrelated to your brand just to be popular.
  • Determine the criteria that define your brand’s niche. Brand logos, colors and language are some of these. Create all the content you share according to your niche.

3. Share Content Regularly

linkedin how to create a content plan to share content regularly

Who wants to follow an inactive page? Or more precisely, how to notice an inactive page? One of the keys to getting more LinkedIn followers is to share regular and consistent content.

  • Focus on a stream of new content to keep your LinkedIn page updated.
  • Analyze your target audience and try to create interesting content by associating it with your industry.
  • Take advantage of the use of AI in social media to save time while creating regular and quality content.
  • Keep organic interaction alive by publishing at least two posts per week.

4. Share Quality Content

We said share content regularly, but never compromise on quality while doing so. Put yourself in the user’s shoes. What kind of content are you interested in?

  • Make sure your content contains eye-catching visuals to attract the user’s attention.
  • Create quality videos about your brand. LinkedIn algorithm prioritizes quality video posts.
  • Share posts with inspiring new ideas about your industry. Feel free to lead!

Here is a good LinkedIn post example with eye-catching visuals, links and hashtags:

laura hadley linkedin post

5.Interact with Your Followers

If you want to get more followers on LinkedIn, you need to show your followers that you care. Interacting with your followers is also important to strengthen brand awareness and gain a loyal customer network. It also ensures that your LinkedIn page is constantly updated.

  • Respond to comments on your posts. For example, you can answer questions, react to comments with emojis, or thank the compliments and indicate that you are actually reading the comments.
  • Check your inbox or messages constantly. Prompt response to customers also shows that customer service is of high quality.
  • Follow customer feedback and share it on your page if necessary. This will get more users to share about you.

6. Follow LinkedIn Page Analytics

Linkedin Page Analytics

If you want to get more followers on LinkedIn, LinkedIn offers many metrics that can help you. It is possible to take a closer look at the performance of your page with LinkedIn page analytics.

  • Find out who follows your page: Where do they live, what are their age groups, what is the distribution of men and women, and in which sectors do they work? This allows you to learn your target audience in detail.
  • Take a look at who visits your page: Sometimes users browse your page and leave. All these people are also potential followers. Create strategies to turn them into followers.
  • Check out lead analytics: LinkedIn produces lead analytics for your page for the last 90 days.

By continuing to read this blog, you can learn detailed information about LinkedIn page analytics!

7. Promote Employee Activity

Promote Employee Activity on Linkedin

What is an organization without its employees? Likewise, your LinkedIn page can come alive with employee engagement. Having employees share posts linked to your page will help you benefit from their connections.

  • Have your employees share page posts to get more followers on LinkedIn.
  • Encourage your employees to tag your page in their industry updates about themselves.
  • Require all your employees to add the organization in their Work Experiences section.

8. Encourage Your Customers to Follow You

When you interact directly with your customers, you can make them aware of the existence of your LinkedIn page. This will get you more LinkedIn followers (loyal ones!).

  • Include links to loyal and inspiring customers in your posts.
  • Spread the word to everyone that increasing your LinkedIn page followers is a priority.

9. Concentrate on Advertising Strategy

get started with linkedin ads to get more LinkedIn followers

If you want to get more followers on LinkedIn, you should prioritize advertising strategies. This is a budget-intensive step, but it can be very effective.

  • Collaborate with influencers who appeal to large audiences on LinkedIn.
  • Start a follower campaign for the target audience with LinkedIn Dynamic Ads.

When running an advertising campaign, make sure you properly understand your target audience and their needs.

10. Buy LinkedIn Followers

buy linkedin followers with

It can be difficult to keep track of LinkedIn ads and create a proper strategy. Also, if you do not have a sufficient budget, it may not be a suitable method for you. There is a much cheaper and more effective method to get more followers on LinkedIn.

  • Buy active LinkedIn followers with
  • Target the demographic group you want with the Geo-Targeted followers option.
  • Protect your budget with the cheapest LinkedIn followers.

Getting more LinkedIn followers means improving your brand in every sense. The tips we share for this will benefit you. LinkedIn page analytics, which we mentioned in one of the articles, can be a very powerful tool on its own. Let’s take a look at what exactly LinkedIn page analytics does and how it can help you gain more LinkedIn followers.

A Detailed Look to LinkedIn Page Analytics

LinkedIn analytics example page

LinkedIn page analytics is the most powerful tool for those who want to get more followers on LinkedIn. It provides detailed statistics about who the target audience is, what content interactions are like, and how the overall performance of the page is.

Here are the statistics you can discover to get more followers on LinkedIn:

Content Analytics

LinkedIn Analytics Competitors Section

At the top of LinkedIn page analytics you will see “Content Analytics”. Here is a general performance analysis of your page content. So, what are these analyzes about?

  • Reactions
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Clicks
  • Views

It is possible to see all the content interactions that the content on your page has received in the last 90 days. All this is shown with detailed charts, so you can feel like a professional marketer.

Visitors Analytics

LinkedIn Analytics Visitors Section

Here is one of those tools that will help you get more followers on LinkedIn: Visitor Analytics. This is where users who do not follow you but visit your page are shown. You can get detailed information about the Visitors like their:

  • Demographic characteristics
  • Work experiences
  • Sectors
  • Companies 

Following the Visitor analytics closely allows you to better understand your target audience. Who thinks your page is worth visiting? It’s time to turn all these users into loyal followers!

Followers Analytics

LinkedIn Analytics Followers Section

Look who’s here; Your one and only followers! Followers analytics shows how many people follow your LinkedIn page in total and allows you to get detailed information about these followers. This is especially important for your advertising strategy. Because you get the most basic information about your target audience from here.

  • Follower change of the page over time,
  • Where followers live geographically,
  • Followers’ jobs, companies and seniority.

Learning detailed information about all your existing followers can also be a powerful tool for acquiring new ones!

Leads Analytics

LinkedIn Analytics Leads Section

If you have a lead generation form on your LinkedIn page, you can view lead information here. Lead analytics basically allows you to get the following information:

  • Conversion rates of potential customers,
  • Cost per potential customer,
  • Potential customer status and number.

Thanks to the lead generation form, one of the advertising tools, you can have various predictions to get more followers on LinkedIn.

Competitors Analytics

LinkedIn Analytics Competitors Section

As a brand, following your competitors closely not only allows you to gain insights that will help you stand out among the competition, but also allows you to benefit from up-to-date industry information. Thanks to LinkedIn competitors analytics, it is possible to take a closer look at the performance of other pages similar to your page.

  • Competitors’ followers and content performance,
  • Trending competitor posts,
  • Top 5 competitor analysis based on organic content.

Take a close look at your competitors’ performance and do research on how they retain their followers. So get inspired and focus on how you can improve your own page.

Employee Advocacy Analytics

LinkedIn Analytics Employee Advocacy Section

You don’t need to look at what your employees are doing individually. That’s what employee advocacy analytics is for. As a page admin, you can keep a close eye on the actions of employees who directly interact with your page.

  • See how many LinkedIn members you work with,
  • Monitor the performance of your employees’ posts,
  • Be aware of how employees interact with content.

We took a detailed look at LinkedIn analytics. Now you know what you can use to get more followers on LinkedIn. So, what can you do to get 1000 LinkedIn followers and grow your LinkedIn company page?

How to Grow Your LinkedIn Company Page? – Tips to Get 1000 Followers

In the last part of our blog, we will include the fastest tips to increase LinkedIn followers shared by Michelle J Raymond. First of all, Raymond states that you should fill out your LinkedIn page completely. This is the first and most important move you can make to keep visitors coming to your page. Now let’s get to the other tips:

Company Page Invite Credits

YouTube video

LinkedIn has an invite credits feature that lets you invite first-degree connections to follow your LinkedIn page. Each page admin is entitled to 250 invitation credits that they can use each month. Plus, if your LinkedIn page has under 5000 followers, employees can also send invitation credits to their connections to follow the page. Each employee is entitled to 30 invitation credits.

Add LinkedIn Follow Button to Website

LinkedIn Follow Sample Plugin

Microsoft has developed a special LinkedIn button plugin to be added to the website. You can place this button on your website using the LinkedIn code. This can allow website visitors to automatically follow your page.

Add LinkedIn Brand Page Link to Other Social Media Platforms

If your priority is to get more followers on LinkedIn, spread the word on other social media platforms as well. Adding your LinkedIn page link to your Instagram, TikTok or Twitter bio can help you achieve this. Additionally, you can add the LinkedIn page link to the e-mail signature section. This ensures that the customers you interact with are aware of your page.

Message Your New Connections

Message Your New Connections on linkedin

When you make a new connection, sending them the link to your LinkedIn page can help you get more followers on LinkedIn. It is important not to be too insistent when doing this. This will give your connection a bad or uncouth impression of you. A short and informative message will be sufficient.

You can send messages not only to your new followers but also to your existing followers. If you have run out of invitation sending credits, you can continue to encourage your users to follow your page via message.

Comment on Other User Posts from LinkedIn Page

Commenting to other users as a Company Page is a great step to build page awareness. Make sure your collaborators, customers or existing followers are aware of your page by commenting support on their posts.

If you want to get more followers on LinkedIn, keep following the tips we gave you! If you don’t want to deal with all these tips, you can buy LinkedIn followers. The best quality followers have real pictures and active profiles. There are also options to customize follower packages according to your own target audience or niche. By buying LinkedIn followers, you can create a domino effect and create a popular account view so that other users follow your page!


frequently asked questions

What should you do to get more followers on LinkedIn?

To get more followers on LinkedIn, do the following:

  • Fill in the page information completely.
  • Share regular & quality content.
  • Take advantage of LinkedIn Analytics.
  • Execute a hashtag strategy.
  • Advertise.
  • Make an announcement on your other social media accounts.
  • Send a company page invitation.
  • Buy LinkedIn followers.

How to buy LinkedIn followers?

LinkedIn followers can be purchased with To buy LinkedIn followers in the fastest and easiest way:

  • Check out LinkedIn follower packages tailored to your goals or needs.
  • Share the LinkedIn page name or URL link.
  • Choose among reliable payment methods and complete your shopping.

What happens if you buy LinkedIn followers?

Many people think that buying LinkedIn followers is illegal. However, there is no such thing. Anyone who wants to achieve instant growth in their profile can buy followers. When you buy LinkedIn followers:

  • You make your profile look like an active account,
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