5 Famous YouTubers with Onlyfans – Why Is Onlyfans So Popular?

Get ready because we will explore famous YouTubers with Onlyfans with you! Moreover, we will talk about why Onlyfans is so popular and why YouTubers are starting to switch to Onlyfans. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Famous YouTubers with Onlyfans
YouTuber Estimated Onlyfans Earnings
 Amouranth $20 million per year
 Tana Mongeau  $10 million per year
 Corinna Kopf  $2 million per month
 Ashly Schwan  $1 million per year
Lena The Plug  $3.6 million per year

Why is Onlyfans So Popular?

Elle Broke is one of the most popular content creators on Onlyfans

Before moving on to the topic of famous YouTubers with Onlyfans, let’s talk about why Onlyfans has become so popular.

Onlyfans is very popular among creators of explicit visual content. However, every day we see that many celebrities and influencers are starting to take their place on this platform.

Onlyfans was founded in 2016 by British businessman Tim Stokely. It was originally used by models in the sex industry. Recently, it has become a platform used by celebrities to share uncensored photos or videos.

This platform has gone beyond just sharing obscene content. With Onlyfans, it is possible to share recipes, do-it-yourself videos, and many contents in the fields of fitness, health and art.

The Appeal of OnlyFans for Influencers

A woman is doing makeup to her face in front of a ring light

Have you ever wondered why so many influencers are turning to OnlyFans? Well, the answer lies in the opportunity to generate additional income, particularly for famous YouTubers with Onlyfans.

On OnlyFans, creators can monetize their exclusive content, including videos and photos, by selling them directly to their dedicated audience. In essence, they offer premium content to their followers in exchange for a fee.

While other platforms like YouTube allow content sharing for free, OnlyFans stands out as a unique avenue for influencers to capitalize on their fan base and boost their earnings. 

In summary, the primary allure of this platform is its potential for creators to make money through their content.

How Much Can You Earn with Onlyfans?

A woman in bathrobe, wearing sunglasses and eating a slice of pizza

The question of how much money can be earned from Onlyfans is on the agenda of many influencers. People who make money through social media are considering every possible way.

This platform calculates earned income based on three parameters:

  • Number of subscribers,
  • Subscription cost,
  • Number of paid posts.

To make money on Onlyfans, you must first increase your number of subscriptions. Then, you should set a subscription fee and improve the quality to generate revenue from your content.

5 Famous YouTubers with Onlyfans

The list of those on the list of famous YouTubers with Onlyfans is growing. Apart from these accounts, there are also a lot of content creators who switch to YouTube to announce their Onlyfans accounts.

1. Amouranth

YouTube video

At the top of the list of Famous YouTubers with Onlyfans is Amouranth, who attracts attention with her red hair. Amouranth, one of the most famous content creators, is quite famous for her underwear shoots.

Amouranth, actively engaged in the gaming industry, has gained fame not just on OnlyFans and YouTube but also on platforms like Twitch and Instagram. The question of Amouranth’s earnings often crosses the minds of those familiar with the content she produces.

Acknowledging the curiosity of her fans, Amouranth decided to address the matter by disclosing her OnlyFans earnings in a post shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, on January 9, 2024:

Amouranth posting a screen shot on X to show how much she earns from Onlyfans

Amouranth, sharing a screenshot of her OnlyFans channel, seems to have amassed a staggering $20 million from subscriptions alone. The cumulative earnings of $57 million since 2020 provide a compelling explanation for the widespread popularity of OnlyFans.

Her exceptional financial success, positioning her in the top 0.01% of account balances, has even led fans to jokingly inquire about borrowing money from her.

As one of the famous YouTubers with Onlyfans, Amouranth’s escalating earnings appear to be a result of the substantial social media following she continues to cultivate. What are your thoughts on this ongoing trend?

2. Tana Mongeau

YouTube video

Tana Mongeau had previously made a name for herself with her controversial content on YouTube. However, the world of Onlyfans, which she entered during the pandemic, made her name boom and made her at the top of this list.

Tana Mongeau, known for her use of offensive language, started to earn one of her most lucrative incomes with Onlyfans, which she entered in the middle of the pandemic.

During her appearance on the H3 Podcast, Mongeau revealed that the majority of her income is derived from her OnlyFans earnings. Additionally, she highlighted that she generates revenue through podcast sales and her own brand.

YouTube video

But what is Mongeau’s income from OnlyFans exactly? Unlike Amouranth, she hasn’t taken the bold step of disclosing all her earnings. However, through research, sources have managed to fairly estimate her earnings.

Entering OnlyFans during the pandemic proved to be a lucrative move for Mongeau, as she reportedly earned $3 million in just seven months, solidifying her status as one of the highest-earning content creators. Presently, her estimated net income from OnlyFans exceeds $10 million.

Mongeau maintains two distinct accounts on OnlyFans. The first is free, offering exciting content to all her fans. The second, requiring a paid subscription, provides uncensored content.

For reasons unknown, it seems she’s poised to remain one of the most profitable figures in social media, continuing to make strategic moves that contribute to her success.

3. Corinna Kopf

YouTube video

Our next creator is so popular on Onlyfans that she stopped creating content on YouTube 4 years ago. However, she still deserves to be on the list of famous YouTubers with Onlyfans. 

Because even though her YouTube channel is inactive, her 1.7 million subscribers aren’t going anywhere. People are so loyal, aren’t they?

In this podcast, which also features Logan Paul, Corinna Kopf says that she earned 1 million dollars from Onlyfans in one day. Corinna Kopf, who earns most of her income from subscriptions, also states that it is very easy to charge people for each photo.

YouTube video

With millions of followers on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and OnlyFans, Corinna Kopf earns more than $2 million a month from her account in the best months.

From her videos with David Dobrik, from buying a Ferrari to publishing many more luxurious contents, her fans follow her closely.

Kopf, who is also very active on Instagram, manages to take her place among the richest of the famous YouTubers with Onlyfans list with her +18 contents.

4. Ashly Schwan

YouTube video

Ashly Schwan claims the fourth spot on the list of famous YouTubers with OnlyFans. A prominent figure on social media since 2013, Ashly is renowned for her captivating content that skillfully combines teasing with a diverse range of creations.

With a substantial YouTube following, Ashly Schwan has gained popularity through her enticing tutorials, engaging vlogs, and willingness to share makeup tutorials and relationship advice with her audience.

Estimates place Ashly Schwan’s net worth at around $1 million, reflecting her success in the realm of social media. Boasting over 379 thousand subscribers on YouTube, this social media personality continues to expand her influence and fame with each passing day.

5. Lena The Plug

Get ready for one of the biggest content creators of Onlyfans, here is Lena The Plug! The content producer, known with 1.59 million subscribers on YouTube, has many different contents, from holiday videos to vlogs.

Lena the Plug’s net worth is estimated to be around $500 Thousand. It goes without saying that the main source of income for the content producer, who earns income from many different platforms, from her own brand to podcasts, is Onlyfans!

Is OnlyFans Safe?

Many content creators are hesitant to open an Onlyfans account. They may be afraid of their photos or videos appearing on other platforms or may have doubts about payment methods.

However, it is worth noting that all these doubts are quite unfounded. Because Onlyfans is very reliable, like other social media platforms. The platform both ensures the personal data security of content creators and takes a number of additional measures against fraudsters.

The payment process runs very smoothly. Content creators from around the world can transfer money to their personal bank accounts via the platform.

Subscribers, on the other hand, have a hassle-free process when making payments under completely encrypted protection methods.

5 Ways to Grow Your Onlyfans Account

A woman is recording herself to promote her social media accounts

The highest paid influencer on Instagram or the most subscribed YouTuber has the same thing: a successful social media strategy.

No matter what field you produce content in, you can’t grow if you don’t have a plan. Let’s explore 5 ways to grow your Onlyfans account.

1. Promote Your Onlyfans Account on Other Social Media Channels

Established in 2016, OnlyFans initially catered to models and creators sharing explicit content. However, propelled by the promise of substantial earnings, the OnlyFans platform has now become a widely discussed and recognized name in various circles.

Onlyfans has not yet fully proven its popularity compared to other social media platforms. Because it does not appeal to a wide range of users. 

Content creators who have an Onlyfans account need to promote their accounts on other social media channels.

You need to encourage your followers to become paid subscribers for content such as photos, videos and live broadcasts. For this, you can make promotions on TikTok, YouTube, X or Instagram.

If you don’t have enough fan base, you won’t make enough money. Therefore, you should constantly make promotions to reach larger audiences.

2. Collaborate with Others

3 influencers are collaborating to promote their social media channels

If you don’t have enough fan base or don’t have enough followers on other social media channels, you can benefit from other people’s fan bases. The best way to do this is to be collaborative.

Working with other creators can effectively promote your OnlyFans account. You can reach new audiences and increase your visibility on the platform.

You can ask other content creators to collaborate. For example, you can offer to promote their products or allow them to advertise in return for money. When it comes to marketing in the influencer world, there are many ways, as long as you want it!

3. Improve Your Content Strategy

Onlyfans account is basically the place for +18 content or uncensored content. So you should not use this account like on YouTube or Instagram. This place develops a very different content strategy.

You can shape the content strategy by determining the right target audience. You have to give people a reason to subscribe to your channel.

Likewise, you can share this reason on other social media accounts. You can learn about the use of AI in social media to improve content quality. This will make your job half easier.

It can also be very important to create a clear niche for your account and promote your niche. The main advice we can give you is to be original in your content plan. Don’t do it just because others are doing it. Start a trend yourself!

4. Get Direct Feedback

A woman holding a smart phone and looking at the camera, with some social media notifications on the screen

One of the things that makes Onlyfans different is that it allows you to interact directly with your fan base. For this reason, it presents a feature where you can send private messages to your fans and receive direct feedback.

Let fans request statuses or events from you and communicate with them directly. Shape your content plan according to feedback and publish content that your target audience wants.

5. Buy Onlyfans Subscribers

Another move you can make to grow your Onlyfans account is to buy Onlyfans subscribers. For this, it is recommended that you choose a reliable follower growth service. In this way, you can contribute to the organic growth of your account and ensure a safe shopping process.

As a result, the list of famous YouTubers with Onlyfans will definitely not be limited to this. Onlyfans is undoubtedly one of the platforms that generate the most income. 

Not only influencers, but even world-famous celebrities are on Onlyfans! We will see together how popular this platform will be in the coming years.


frequently asked questions

Why should I promote my OnlyFans account?

It is recommended to promote your Onlyfans account to earn more and grow your popularity. This way, you can have a wider audience and increase revenues such as subscriptions, collaborations and sponsorships.

How can I promote OnlyFans on social media?

You can promote your Onlyfans account on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and X. You can also promote your account through adult websites. Email marketing is also very popular among promotional strategies.

Who are the most famous YouTubers with Onlyfans?

Amouranth, Tana Mongeau, Corinna Kopf, Ashly Schwan and Lena The Plug are among the most famous YouTubers with Onlyfans.

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