How to Get More Views on YouTube Shorts? 8 Tips to Go Viral

YouTube, the world’s second most visited site after Google, attracts over 2.91 billion visitors per month. 

This platform is not just a hub for video content but also a fertile ground for monetization, especially with the rising popularity of YouTube Shorts. 

Engaging effectively with this format can unlock new revenue streams and dramatically increase your visibility. 

In this guide, we’ll explore how to get views for YouTube shorts and monetize your channel quickly.

Why Are My YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views?

Understanding why your YouTube Shorts are not getting views is crucial for creators at all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. Here are some expert reasons that might explain the lack of views and suggestions on how to address them:

  • Inconsistent Posting Schedule: YouTube prioritizes channels that upload regularly.
  • Content Doesn’t Stand Out: Your videos need to be unique and immediately engaging to capture attention.
  • Poor Optimization of Titles and Tags: Titles and tags should include relevant keywords to improve discoverability.
  • Lack of Engagement: Low engagement can affect how often your content is promoted by YouTube’s algorithm.
  • Not Utilizing Cross-Promotion: Sharing your content on other social media platforms can significantly increase visibility.
  • Low Initial View Count: A slow start in views can hinder wider recommendation; consider boosting initial views through promotional strategies or buying views to trigger algorithmic interest.

How to Get YouTube Short Views Fast?

1- Optimize Your Video Title and Description

SEO isn’t just for long-form content. Your Shorts need to have compelling, keyword-rich titles and tags that make them discoverable. 

The right words can be the difference between a video that fades into obscurity and one that reaches millions. 

In fact, according to YouTube, videos with optimized titles and descriptions perform significantly better, drawing more views and engagement.

Just look at the example below:

a screenshot of a YouTube short about how to make Taylor Swift Reputation Cake

This YouTuber leveraged Taylor Swift’s name and the specific album title “Reputation.” The creator taps into the artist’s vast fan base. 

Taylor Swift is a highly searched name, and aligning content with her immediately boosts potential discoverability due to the high search volumes associated with her name and works.

The use of the word “Reputation” not only specifies which era of Taylor Swift’s career the cake represents but also resonates emotionally with fans who have specific memories and feelings about that album. 

This can compel clicks from curious fans eager to see a culinary tribute to a beloved album.

2- Leverage Trending Hashtags

Utilizing trending #hashtags effectively catapults your YouTube Shorts into the spotlight, connecting them to current conversations and interests. 

When you incorporate relevant hashtags, you’re not only tagging your content but also hooking it into larger, searchable streams that are ripe with active viewers. 

These tags act as beacons, guiding potential viewers who are browsing related topics directly to your Shorts.

How to Do It? Start by conducting thorough research on current trends that align with your video content. Tools like Google Trends, Twitter, and even the YouTube search bar can provide insights into which hashtags are capturing the public’s interest at any given time.

YouTube shorts examples with hashtags in the titles

Incorporate these hashtags thoughtfully into your video’s title or description, ensuring they are directly relevant to the content to maintain viewer trust and content integrity.

For example, if you’re posting a fitness routine, using hashtags such as #FitnessChallenge, #Workout, or #QuickFitness not only targets viewers interested in fitness content but also connects to those following broader fitness challenges and trends. 

This approach enhances your content’s visibility and increases the likelihood of engagement from interested communities. By strategically aligning your video with these searchable terms, you ensure it reaches a wider, more targeted audience, boosting your chances of virality.

3- Engage with Your Audience

Engaging directly with your audience significantly enhances the visibility and reach of your YouTube Shorts. When viewers interact by liking, commenting, or sharing your content, it positively influences YouTube’s algorithm, which in turn promotes your video more widely.

For example, you can consider purchasing customized comments and fast likes for your short YouTube videos to increase their views.

4- Post at Peak Times

Timing your YouTube Shorts uploads strategically is crucial, especially if your target audience is based in the US, regardless of your own location. 

Posting during peak hours when viewers are most active can significantly boost your video’s initial exposure and engagement. This is key for leveraging YouTube’s algorithm, which favors videos that receive quick interaction after posting.

When is the best time to post on YouTube?

Morning Rush: Between 6 AM and 8 AM Eastern Time, when people are starting their day and checking their phones.

Lunch Break: Around 12 PM to 1 PM Eastern Time, a high activity window as people take breaks and browse social media.

Evening Prime Time: From 7 PM to 10 PM Eastern Time, the highest engagement period as viewers settle down for the evening and consume more content.

These times reflect the general high-traffic periods on YouTube across the US. To maximize your Shorts’ potential, align your posting schedule with these peak hours. 

Analyzing your specific audience’s activity patterns through YouTube Analytics will provide more tailored insights, allowing you to refine your posting times even further for optimal engagement.

5- Create High-Quality, Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Creating high-quality, eye-catching thumbnails is essential for capturing viewer attention and improving your video’s click-through rate. A compelling thumbnail acts as a mini-advertisement for your content, so it’s crucial to get it right. Here are several key elements to consider:

Use Two or More Faces in Your Thumbnails: Human faces attract attention and can significantly increase engagement, especially when more than one expression is shown. This makes the thumbnail more relatable and intriguing.

a screenshot of Khaby lane's youtube shorts

Use Inviting Colors (Red/Yellow/Green): Bright, warm colors like red, yellow, and green are not only eye-catching but also evoke feelings of excitement, happiness, and vitality, making your thumbnail stand out in a sea of content.

Use the Right Dimensions and Resolution: Ensure your thumbnails are optimized for YouTube’s required dimensions (1280×720 pixels), maintaining high resolution to prevent any blurriness that can deter viewers.

Show Strong Emotions: Thumbnails that display clear, strong emotions tend to draw viewers because they promise dramatic or impactful content, sparking curiosity and engagement.

Use Simple and Eye-catching Designs: Keep your thumbnail design simple yet striking. A cluttered thumbnail can confuse potential viewers, while a clean, focused design with minimal text helps convey the essence of your video at a glance.

6- Try Cross-Promote on Social Media

Cross-promoting your YouTube Shorts on other social media platforms is a strategic way to extend your reach and draw in viewers from different networks. 

By sharing your content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn, you leverage existing followings and tap into new audiences. 

Each share on social media not only introduces your YouTube content to potential viewers who may not regularly visit YouTube but also increases the likelihood of virality. 

Highlight snippets or intriguing aspects of your video to create a compelling reason for your followers to click through to YouTube, boosting your overall views and engagement.

7- Collaborate with Other Creators

Collaborating with other YouTube creators can dramatically expand your reach and introduce your content to diverse audiences. 

When you team up with fellow YouTubers, you leverage each other’s follower bases, creating a cross-pollination of viewers that can lead to increased subscribers and more views for everyone involved.

8- Purchase YouTube Short Views

Purchasing views can dramatically enhance the perceived popularity of your YouTube Shorts right from the beginning. This initial influx of views serves as a catalyst, signaling to YouTube’s algorithm that your content is worth promoting, which can significantly boost its visibility organically. 

YouTube short video screenshots

When your video appears popular, it naturally attracts more viewers due to the social proof phenomenon—people are more inclined to watch a video that many others have viewed.

How to Do It? When considering buying views, it’s crucial to choose a reputable provider to ensure the views are of high quality and are delivered in a manner consistent with YouTube’s policies. offers reliable services that can safely increase your view count without risking your account. 

This can lead to increased organic views as people are drawn to content that others are watching. Similarly, having a higher number of likes and subscribers can enhance the perceived value of your channel, encouraging more users to watch your videos and subscribe.

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Do YouTube Shorts Make Money?

YouTube Shorts has become a significant platform for creators to earn revenue, leveraging the massive reach of YouTube to engage viewers with quick, catchy videos. 

With YouTube’s announcement of a $100 million YouTube short fund to reward top Shorts creators, the potential for monetization has become even more tangible. 

Understanding the eligibility criteria and potential earnings can help creators strategically use this platform.

Monetization Eligibility for YouTube Shorts

To start earning directly from YouTube Shorts through the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), creators need to meet specific criteria:

Gain 1,000 subscribers and achieve 10 million public Shorts views in the last 90 days. This pathway is tailored specifically for those focusing predominantly on Shorts.

Alternatively, creators can qualify by gaining 1,000 subscribers and accumulating 4,000 public watch hours on longer content over the past 12 months. This broader criterion allows creators who produce a mix of content types to qualify for monetization.

These thresholds open the door to monetization features such as ad revenue sharing, Super Chat, and channel memberships, extending beyond the initial Shorts Fund.

How Much YouTube Pays for Short Video Views?

Monetization on YouTube can vary widely based on factors like audience location, video engagement, and ad rates. For Shorts, while specific per-view payments are not detailed like traditional videos, the potential for earnings through the platform’s various monetization mechanisms remains substantial.

For context, here’s a snapshot of the estimated earnings of some of the top YouTube channels, which can give an idea of the upper limits of what successful content creation can yield:

T-Series: $508M from over 253 billion views.

MrBeast: $96M from nearly 48 billion views.

Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes: $362M from 181 billion views.

SET India: $326M from 163 billion views.

Kids Diana Show: $205M from over 102 billion views.

Vlad and Niki: $179M from nearly 90 billion views.

Like Nastya: $200M from almost 100 billion views.

PewDiePie: $59M from over 29 billion views.

These figures demonstrate that substantial viewership can lead to significant earnings. 

While these channels mostly generate views from standard YouTube videos, the introduction of Shorts provides an additional avenue for revenue through a format that encourages repeat viewing and can drive massive viewer counts quickly.

How Much Can You Make From YouTube Shorts?

The potential earnings from YouTube Shorts can vary significantly based on several factors including the engagement level of the videos, the geographic location of the viewers, and how the content aligns with advertiser preferences. There isn’t a fixed rate, as earnings from YouTube Shorts also come from a shared pool rather than direct ad revenue per view. With the YouTube Shorts Fund, selected creators can earn between $100 to $10,000 based on viewership and engagement. Therefore, earnings are highly variable and depend on both the creator’s ability to engage an audience and the broader dynamics of the platform’s monetization policies.

How Much Does YouTube Shorts Pay for 1 Million Views?

YouTube has not specified a standard pay rate for 1 million views on Shorts, as it does not typically monetize Shorts through traditional per-view ad revenue like regular YouTube videos.

Instead, creators can earn money through the YouTube Shorts Fund, which distributes payments based on the performance and engagement of the Shorts. The amount a creator might earn from 1 million views on Shorts can therefore vary widely; it could be substantial if the views translate into high engagement, or it might be less if the engagement metrics are low. 

The key factor is not just the number of views, but how those views translate into actual user interaction.

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Monetize Your Channel with More YouTube Views

Enhance your YouTube channel’s performance by strategically increasing your views and subscriber count.

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Incorporate these enhancements with your existing content strategies for a holistic approach to growth. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

How Long Are YouTube Shorts? 

YouTube Shorts have a maximum length of 60 seconds, with a minimum of 15 seconds.

Why Should You Make YouTube Shorts?

Creating a YouTube Shorts strategy boosts engagement, optimizes long-form content, and helps reach potential subscribers, aiding in channel monetization. Additionally, if you’re already making TikToks and Reels, repurposing them as Shorts taps into a new audience with minimal effort. Win-win.

How to get YouTube short views fast?

You can start repurposing your high-view videos into shorts to keep up with the trends. Plus, buying views is a good strategy to get the algorithm to notice you and suggest you to other organic viewers.

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